How to Pay us for Services Rendered

We accept checks, PayPal, or Venmo.



1)  CHECK:  Make check payable to "Getstart-ed" (or Getstarted) or Ed Lawrence.

     Mail the check to 35 East Evergreen Rd.   Natick, MA 01760

2) VENMO: My Venmo account is Edward-Lawrence-11.

Get the app, add me as a friend (or I will add you) and then you pay me.  Simple!

3) PAYPAL: Click the Buy Now button near the bottom of this page.


Please note: Apparently, in June2020, PayPal started holding money for a month, unless the customer confirms the receipt of services. If you pay me via PayPal, please let me know you paid, and then do the following:

1.      Go to and log in to your account.

2.      Click Activity.

3.      Find and click the original payment for the item.

4.      Click Confirm Receipt.

5.      Click Yes to confirm that you received the order.

If you don't do this, I have to wait up to a month to get the money.

To pay your invoice via PayPal:
Click the Buy Now button or use the Scan feature in the PayPal mobile app.