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Behavioral (DISC) Assessments

What is DISC?

DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, leadership, sales, and communication. DISC reports don't measure your skills; they summarize your behavioral preferences and tendencies.


The DISC model is simple, practical, and easy to remember:


D  How you respond to problems and challenges.

   How you influence others to your point of view.

  How you respond to the pace of the environment.

C  How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

Why You MUST Know Your DISC Type

An estimated 63% of companies use hiring assessments during the interviewing and hiring process. Almost all companies ask behavioral interview questions.


  • How will you answer the tricky "tell me about yourself" question? 

  • Do you know for sure how you react under pressure?

  • Do you understand your own behavioral preferences? 

  • Is your professional summary on your résumé accurate? Does it really describe you?


​As an authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant with Profiling Pro, I can order and administer a DISC assessment for you that will help you re-discover the true you. I can weave the DISC information about you into your résumé. 

Researching the company and position is only half the battle. To land the job, you must know yourself. DISC can help you ace the interview and land the job!


Prices range from $99 to $139.

Our most popular package--DISC for Resumes and Cover Letters---costs $99.

If you sign up for my résumé package, you get this report as part of the package.

We offer lots of other DISC reports! (Keep reading)

Why You Should Buy a DISC Report

Once we know your DISC type, we can confidently use on your résumé the appropriate key words and descriptive phrases [directly from your DISC report] that describe you and the characteristics and traits you bring to a job.


You, in turn, will have even more confidence that the résumé describes you and speaks as your own voice.  You know it does so, because the key words and descriptive phrases used  truly describe you and the inherent characteristic traits you bring to a job.


In addition, you'll learn to use the assessment to develop your personal brand, to present yourself better at job interviews, to enhance your interview portfolio, and to refine your job search and networking strategies. 

Our Popular Reports


Self:  If you are not sure which report to get, then get this one. The Self report accurately recognizes how your behavioral preferences define your interactions with others, how you approach problems, your preferred activity levels, and the structure of your daily life. This is the report I provide with my coaching package. Retail Price:  $99


Career Management: Most valuable for job-seeking clients who are just starting their careers, returning to the workforce, or considering a transition, and are unsure of the best career path.

Retail Price:  $139

Leadership: Provides useful insights into your job performance, team building qualities, and leadership style.  Retail Price:  $99

Mini Report: An abbreviated report providing quick insight into the talents and tendencies you bring to the  environment; it contains your appropriate key words and specific interpersonal traits.

Retail Price:  $69


Résumé and Cover letter: This is the report I provide for you with my résumé package. It reveals key words, personality traits, and more information in a format tailored to align with a job-search and résumé. Retail Price:  $99

Values: Other DISC reports explain "how" people behave in common situations. The Values report reveals "why" they do what they in common situations. A  perfect companion to the other reports.

Retail Price:  $99

Sales: Are you in sales or  want to transition into a sales?  This report helps you effectively present and position your personal style so your sales strengths jump off the page of your resume and other marketing materials.  Retail Price:  $99

Sales IQ Plus: This is more a test than a preferences assessment. The Sales IQ Plus is an objective analysis of an individual's understanding of his/her strategies to sell successfully. It essentially answers the question, "Can this person sell?" Like any profession, selling has a body of knowledge related to its successful execution. Sales IQ Plus measures this knowledge.

Retail Price:  $139

We source our reports from Profiling Pro--a recognized leader and provider of DISC reports.

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