I offer behavioral and personality assessments (DISC and MBTI); transferable skills assessments (Skillscan); career interest assessments (Strong); and even a work-life balance assessment.


Assessments don't tell you what to do. They summarize and present how you feel in your heart or understand what you already know in your head.

Remember: The job-search begins with you.

Assessments help you find answers to questions such as:


* Are there jobs out there I might like better than what I do now?

* What kinds of work can I do, now that I've lost my job?

* How can I make my current job more interesting?

* How do I get along better with that co-worker?

* Could I get paid to do things I now do for fun?

* What can I do after I retire?

* How should I answer the interview question "Tell me about yourself?"


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