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Assessments don't tell you what to do or what job you should take.

They summarize and present how you feel in your heart or what you already know in your head. 

In other words, they help you understand yourself better.

Understanding yourself is the first step in finding answers to questions such as:

* Are there jobs out there I might like better than what I do now?

* What kinds of work can I do, now that I've lost my job?

* How can I make my current job more interesting?

* How do I get along better with that co-worker?

* Could I get paid to do things I now do for fun?

* What can I do after I retire?

* How should I answer the interview question "Tell me about yourself?"


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My Personality

I'd like to learn more about my strengths and blind spots and how I might differ from others

My Behavior

  I want to learn more about how I face challenges, relate to people,  deal with rules, and work in a given environment.

My Interests

I'd like to explore industries and roles and figure out what type work would interest me and allow me to be happy.


I'd like to explore what I do well and what I'd like to do.

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