​​​Standard Billing rate:  $100/hour


5 session package includes:

  • Five hours worth of sessions that you can use for any of my services.

  • One DISC assessment (Any of the $99 DISC assessments)

  • One Skillscan online (transferable skills) assessment

  • I don't charge for any work I do between sessions

  • 10% discount - Price: $606

  • Up-front deposit of $303 required; $303 due after 3rd session

3 session package: Purchase 3 hours  and receive a 10% discount.

  •  Price: $270

  •  Best value for résumé work

  •  Requires up-front payment

​How I work with You

I prefer to work interactively with you. I don't interview you; disappear for a week or more, and then return with a draft document. I ask you lots of questions; I listen to your answers; I offer a different way of stating your accomplishments; together we brainstorm even better ways. It's your life. You know it better than anyone else.  I help you express it in the best way. Your marketing documents must be true in fact and true to your life story.


  • My standard hourly billing charges for scheduled appointments and time I work  between appointments.

  • The three session package bills the same way, at the discount.

  • The five session package includes any work I do between sessions.

  • The pricing on this page does not include standalone assessment tests, which are priced separately.

  • My 5-session package includes two assessments.