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Jan Melnik and Louise Kursmark, noted authors of many resume books,
accepted my submission to their recent (April-2023) book
RESUME & LinkedIn Strategies for New College Graduates.







Angel K. - Minneapolis, MN

I GOT THE JOB!!! AND it's a PROMOTION!!...and all Thanks to your coaching program!! It literally changed my life and is getting me away an abusive boss! Your saved my life!


Denise B. - Chicopee, MA

Ed Lawrence's help with updating my resume has been instrumental in making it more readable and getting me through AI Applicant Tracking Systems and to the eyes of the Human Resources department personnel where I have applied. As the job of the resume is to assist in getting an interview, the updates we made have helped schedule 4 interviews for me so far. I find his insight very helpful!

John T. - Sudbury, MA

Thank you, Ed, for taking the time for reviewing my resume and discussing career-related topics. Our discussions were very informative and fun. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, as well as the experiences of others. I hope to stay in touch!


Elaine D. - Albany, NY

Ed Lawrence helped me with my job search in a superior manner! I needed help with LinkedIn and he showed me how to navigate that platform. Ed told me what questions to ask myself to make myself more marketable in the workplace. He taught me how to find not only job, but also companies to work for. Ed recommended what information to take out, what to leave in, and what to add. He also told me where to sharpen phrases and what words to change. Ed answered my questions and guided me through all the steps. He has patience and experience.  I highly recommend Ed for all of your career, resume, and LinkedIn needs.

David P. - MA

Thank you so much for your time. More helpful than I could have expected.


Terry D. - TX

I wanted to tell you that I did get the position. Our conversation helped me to gain the confidence I needed to do well with my interview. I appreciate that you were able to take time out of your weekend to work with me. Thank you so much!


Victor I. - MA

I want to compliment you ... you are the very first resume person who did not start with, "Well, you've got to do A, and B, and reformat into C" the purpose of which would be to wedge my resume into the sole format
that he/she seems capable of working with, independent of my target role and my style and so on.  Instead, you started right in tweaking my resume and my words and making what I had better (and teaching me along
the way), rather than overhauling it into some singular vision of what a resume should look like.


I will add that I networked with someone else who'd worked with you, and he pretty much said exactly the same thing.
I have washed my hands of every resume writer I've connected with, and here I am coming back for more from you so thank you for that.

Tom D. - MA

Thank you for your help with my resume and cover letter. Your help was instrumental in my landing the perfect remote full-time job at Caris Life Sciences as a Scientific Illustrator. I also wanted you to see the "biological" image I created after my interview to help sway them my way.


​Hal W. - MA

Ed's great 'rehire insight' was a key factor in helping me secure a position, after 6 months out of work time period, at an 'over 60' age. Ed has great knowledge in multiple areas ...(1. interviewing, 2. LinkedI keen insights, 3. how to position yourself as an older worker, 4. how to re-work your resume to your advantage), and he provides them with humor and compassion. You will definitely be better prepared to attack the job market, following some insight from Ed.

Lynda B. - MA

You helped me nail down specific (and short) stories and examples to address possible job interview questions. I became more confident in expressing what I had to offer an employer. You reminded me to think about my "why". Job search after 50 is tough, and it's easy to lose hope. You have an easygoing and positive manner but challenged me as well. I am glad I reached out to you when I did.


Bob F. - RI

Thank you for all of your teachings.  Thank you for letting me be an interviewer within your group meetings.  In my personal life, I have always believed in GTG.  I never gave to get but I always got something.  Thank you for being a confidence builder for those that seek you out.


In my time with your group, my interview skills were sharpened, as were my listening skills and mentoring skills.  Your group is special to me and those that go there receive much just for attending.  

Michael O. - MA

Thank you for your help, expertise and support on making a huge difference on fixing up my resume.

Roye A. - Framingham, MA

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing meeting today. I learned a lot and will follow your guidance

Laura C. - Springfield, Massachusetts

I am in much better stead because of the assistance you provided to me. THANK YOU, Ed!!!

I'm thankful for your patience, your insights, your encouragement, ideas and overall support--it's helping--I am moving forward whether it's comfortable or not and that's what needs to happen. I value the way that you are effective at drawing people out of their shell and into a bigger version than're really good at that too.  I remain grateful for the influence that you provide with the way that you shine in your work.  

Caroline P. - Kansas City, Kansas

Ed was a fantastic job coach!  He allowed me to move through the job search process at my own pace.  Each step I took, he offered support and guidance.He understood the complexity of emotions it took to help me find a clear path to a new career. Ed's advice was customized to me and my needs.  He was resourceful, approachable, and non-judgmental.  His arsenal of tips and tricks was beyond impressive! I highly recommend Ed Lawrence and his talents to help you through your job journey.

Kellen N. - Massachusetts

First of all, I want to THANK YOU for your help on my killer resume.

After talking with you and getting tips on how to get back into the business world I’m happy to inform you that I found a wonderful job as a CSR Processor at an Insurance Agency 5 min from my home!

Sienna B. - South Carolina

Ed is incredibly generous with his time, kind words, and expertise. There are not enough positive words to describe my wonderful experience working with Ed. He responded quickly and made time for me when I had to apply for a jobquickly, he followed up with me when he hadn't heard from me in awhile, and

he called me after-hours when I had a job offer that needed a quick response - and he stayed on the phone with me for an hour talking through each point of the offer and discussing how the opportunity fit into my career goals and personality type. Ed is an incredible career coach and went above-and-beyond.

Wanda R. - San Antonio,Texas

You are CRAFTSMAN! An artist with the word. This is very hard to create a story about my skills and what I bring to a job. I know what I can do and what I’ve done BUT making someone want to speak to me or consider me through a letter was difficult!! I really LOVED what you did! I actually could see clients saying those things which they have written about me. I also felt the letter if that makes sense.

​Victor M. - Massachusetts

After finding out about a new, potential, job opportunity, I sent my resume to a few friends. One of them suggested I contact Ed. Simply put, this was the best decision I made in this process.


Ed made himself available immediately, even though it was after standard business hours… there was no vague promise of “let me get back to you”. Within an hour of receiving my email, he had read my resume and profile, and was ready with suggestions on how to improve both.

The thing that I really appreciated about the process is that Ed didn’t just say “make this change”, he explained why it was necessary and how it would help. He was “teaching a person to fish”, so that I would be able to help myself in the future… and not simply depend on him. This is an approach I really appreciated as it showed he was concerned about me, as an individual, and not simply a potential ongoing revenue stream.


The slide presentation he showed was clear and concise, and helped to explain some of the concepts he was trying to get across. However, he did not simply “read the slides” (a training method I loathe)… he simply used them as a visual aid and a conversation starter, and at no point did this ever feel like a “one size fits all “ solution. While some of the content may have been pre-made, the experience was definitely tailored to my specific situation.


Ed not only worked with me on how to update my resume for this new era of data mining resumes, he gave me much needed coaching on updating my LinkedIn profile... He even gave a mini mock-interview to make sure I was ready for that as well. I would absolutely recommend Ed for career coaching and resume building.. he is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable ally.


Laura N. - Massachusetts

I’d like to endorse and recommend Ed Lawrence as a career coach. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed facilitated on-line Zoom meetings for job seekers where the presentations were high quality and the attendees left with solid tactical steps to help us on our journeys. In addition to these meetings, Ed also facilitated practice interview sessions where future interviewees were asked to respond real-time to typical interview questions. I’ve successfully landed my new position, and I believe that my journey would have been more arduous without Ed’s coaching, support, and guidance.


Elise M. - Massachusetts

I had heard things about Ed’s commitment to helping others prior to meeting him. When I finally met Ed on a networking call, a random question was posed by an individual seeking help on a resume. Another meeting attendee immediately responded “Ed can help you.” I was then inspired to approach Ed about a much-needed overhaul of my own resume, reached out, and we agreed to work together.


Ed requested a brief phone conversation for the next morning to detail his plan. Later that day, I had a revised resume draft in my inbox! The “product” I received was a significantly-improved resume, with rationale provided for all of the updates made. In order to optimize my new resume for impact, I needed to make my reduced copy work harder. Ed patiently iterated with me throughout the process of landing on the final version. I greatly appreciated Ed’s sense of urgency in tackling this project, even with his full workload. I valued his vision and approach, his expertise on what to do or not do – and why, his creative approach to balancing aesthetics with functionality (ATS) and his continued focus on delivering what I needed.


I would recommend Ed for his leadership and guidance on any aspect of job searching or career advancement. He brings extensive experience, relevant and current expertise as well as coaching skills and patience to any engagement. Importantly, he cares, bringing much-needed positivity and empathy during stressful times.

Bob F. - Providence, RI

Ed is a mentor in the truest sense of the word. The time I spent with him was all volunteer on his part. He gave of himself at his seminars on interviewing which he holds, free of charge, every other week. There is no other group like Ed's in this area. As a matter of fact, I traveled from Providence, RI to Framingham, MA each time the group met.   


While I was job hunting I was the beneficiary of his largess and he drove the group to improve on the interview process. Ed's expertise is evident and once you attend you will be drawn back so that you can sharpen your skills. If you are job hunting and therefore interviewing, I don't know how you can get along without working with Ed. Thank you Ed for all you do.

Daphna M. - Southborough, MA

​Ed helped me to improve my resume, including identifying and using the buzz words prospective employers look for. He is a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond what was required. If you are serious about seeking a job, you will not find a better resource to help you.

Donna S. - Bolton, MA

In May 2016 my position was off-shored...I chose to undertake a short-term contract that would allow me to learn new skills. When that contract ended I soon found myself lost amiss the variety and complexities of the job search process.  This feeling affected how I was performing on interviews.  I was finding that I could not move beyond the telephone interview.


Ed’s Practice Interview Group helped me to re-focus.  With his process and his help, I discovered what I was doing wrong in the live interview process. He helped me with techniques for answering those tough interview questions, by backing up my answers with examples from my skills and work background.  In a short time after this training, I had landed three interviews with top-notch companies, and these interviews led to two job offers on the table. 


At the company I chose to go with, one of the Directors who had interviewed me mentioned that I had been one of the best candidates he had ever interviewed.  I thank Ed for his thoughtful process and advice for helping me win through what had been a 5-hour interview."

Patrick T. - Westborough, MA

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed over the past year and can honestly say that he has been a tremendous asset.  He has a very thorough approach to the job search process whether you are searching in your own field or transitioning to a new field based on your skill sets. Like any search process, it takes work, but Ed's approach is comprehensive, educational and practical in the changing job market we find ourselves.  He most certainly added value to me from the resume origination process to networking to interviewing skills.  His extensive background in this field has served him very well.


He is an invaluable resource and one with whom you will find it a pleasure to work.  Something that is very important is that he is not a person who insists that you do it "his way" like others that I have encountered.  You will find that he is equally interested in what you bring to the table as you will be to what he brings to the table.   He is a perpetual learner and likes to look at the job search process from many angles, which I found to be very refreshing.   

I sincerely recommend Ed's services to all who are traveling this path."

Evan L. - Natick, MA

I would highly recommend investing in yourself by working with Ed Lawrence to develop your strategy as you search for your next position. Ed’s most important attributes are his listening skills, professionalism  and attention to detail. He helps with the entire process including resume writing, interviewing skills and coaching you throughout the job search.

John F. - Metrowest Boston area

I met Ed at a 50+ Networking meeting that he was facilitating (Group Leader). After being out of work for a few months, I decided to join this group to see what it was about not expecting too much from it.

I was pleasantly surprised on how well it went, and I kept going each month until I landed a job.

Ed brought energy to the room, engaged the participates and always thought outside the box on how to look for a job. He articulated it in such a way that everyone understood. What I liked most about Ed was that he was opened minded and understood each job search was different, so it required different techniques to get through to the gatekeeper.


Ed’s management and organization skills are outstanding and the best example of this was when the network meetings had to change from in-person to virtual due to COVID-19. There were very few start-up issues by using Zoom for this new normal on meetings. Each session got better.


I've got to say that Ed kept me in a positive frame of mind during the difficult times during my job search and provided excellent advice on Networking, LinkedIn, Resumes and Marketing Yourself Plans. I highly recommend Ed on helping you land on your career search.

Robert N. - Texas

Edward went beyond a basic proofreading of my resume, and he customized his career guidance directly for my needs and desires. As a career coach and partner he listened to where I wanted to be, and tailored the experience to me. He has interview get-togethers, resume and LinkedIn management, and the inside secrets on how to land a job in today's trying environment. I highly recommend Edward as a training coach and partner to get you to where you want to be!

Jill F. - Natick, MA

"I was an over 50, unemployed woman who didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up. Ed was very responsive, supportive and helpful as we started from the beginning and made quick progress.

With Ed's assistance, I figured out my skills and interests. He helped guide me along the way as I determined what jobs would be a good fit for me. He also was a great writer, and helped with my resume and LinkedIn profile so they appeared professional.

I found the experience to be very motivating. When I started, I was very depressed and really didn't want to job search. But each time I left a session, I felt so much better and motivated to look for a job.
I truly enjoyed working with Ed and got a lot out of our sessions

Harry S. - Bella Vista, Arkansas

In Sept of 2016 I was laid off from my job and suddenly I found myself in a place I had been before, without a job. Several of my friends knew Ed who had been working to help a group of senior citizens write resumes for prospective jobs so they suggested I reach out to Ed.

I had a resume but it was seriously outdated, not having not needed one for years, was not formatted well and neither was my LinkedIn account.

Ed coached me through the process and asked all the right questions.


Ed was able to pull information out in such a way that it helped me see my capabilities as well. I had done the online resume formats and read books but ultimately it was the coaching of Ed that made it what it was.

I submitted my polished resume to several company and it really looked great. It was something I was proud to hand out.

I had a job within a month of turning to Ed.

Aliou N. - Austin, TX

“Since I first met Ed, I noted his dedication and willingness to help others regardless what it takes. He organizes and maintains an interview practice group, travels to local libraries to give feedback during interview rehearsals and more importantly keep a good log of what get people hired by employees.

His technical knowledge allows him to find root causes and suggest areas of improvement.

I recommend Ed to companies that are looking for managers with excellent emotional intelligence and solid technical background with years of experience to leverage.

Steve E.

​​Ed has the knowledge and experience not too mention the best attitude and passion I have ever come across to help and assist those in a job search. Don’t just listen to Ed but put into practice the information he will provide."

Carlos M. - Lowell, MA

I would recommend that you get a hold of Ed Lawrence.
My resume from [company] went from “OK” to “Great” after I spoke with Ed Lawrence.
We together worked on my resume and I can tell you that my resume looks awesome.
Ed Lawrence is a Career Coach and is well connected with Acton Networkers and he CAN help you not only with your resume but with interviewing techniques.

I strongly recommend going through Ed Lawrence to help you get started. Get connected with Ed.

Stephen W. - Westborough, MA

Thank you so much and thanks for the help with the mock interview session from several weeks ago. The role that I shared with the group during your session was the one I landed with at [company]. It just took them awhile to complete the rest of the interviews and then make a final decision. Take care and please continue the great work you are doing in supporting people in transition. It's an extremely valuable service and very much appreciated by many.

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