Résumés  and Cover Letters

You know the stress and challenges that come with navigating a job search during a pandemic. 


You are asking--- How do I make my resume stand out and get recognized? 

How do I address gaps in employment or lay-offs?

Will my résumé  get through the applicant tracking software (ATS)?

That's why you need me.  I'm a member of both the National Résumé Writers Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC).

I continually study with both organizations.   I'm a certified professional résumé  writer (CPRW)


In addition, I'm not just a résumé  writer; I was a writer/trainer/instructional designer for many years.

I was a job-seeker who submitted dozens of résumé to employers; so, I understand how your résumé and cover letter are your marketing materials.


Here are six ways you’ll benefit by hiring me:

  1. I work with you to capture your unique story and personality to gain you more response.
    A free service can’t do this for you.

  2. I’ll capture your human element, in addition to optimizing your résumé  for the ATS.

  3. My available services include practice interviewing, enabling you to stand out during the interview process.

  4. As an experienced coach and interviewer, I’ll ask you questions that help you re-discover your strengths and transferable skills.

  5. I’ve been in your shoes; I’ve worked for hi-tech, government, and higher-ed. I was laid off multiple times. I switched careers several times.

  6. I know what I’m doing. Check my credentials and more importantly, my client testimonials.


I partner with you on the organizing, developing, and editing; so, you'll have a résumé that expresses who you are and what you've accomplished. My ultimate goal is always to have your resume effectively and efficiently communicate your value proposition, so you land an interview.

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Hourly Résumé & Writing Services

Ideal for people who need résumé-review, a single cover-letter, or are looking to beef up an existing document or customize a résumé for a specific job-application.


For a  résumé, my preferred working style is to meet you in person or remotely; so we work together on the résumé during the meeting. You are billed for the meeting time. No work is performed between meetings, unless requested; and that is billed at my standard hourly rate.

For cover-letters or other documents, I can work on it alone or with you. I try to be flexible to keep your costs down.

Standard Billing rate:  $95/hour.
$60/Hr rate for unemployed people expires on 6/30/2021.
Service includes:
  • Scheduled appointments.

  • Interim PDF's for your review.

  • Updates from Getstart-ed with billing for any in-between session work.

  • Final Microsoft Word version of résumé.

Package Deal

One price covers everything for the Résumé


Includes one online behavioral profile (DISC- Self or DISC-Resume) assessment,  one online transferable skills (Skillscan) assessment, and 5 hours worth of sessions that you can use for any of my services--at a reduced price:  $526 [A $700 value!]

(Up-front deposit of $263 required; $263 due after 4th session)

Per session Pricing:  $95/hr - one-on-one; in-person or remotely (over the phone or computer).


Followup to the package: If you wish to continue sessions after completing the 5-session package, you can choose to continue at the regular hourly rate (see above) or opt for a follow-up 5-session package deal for $385.

(Requires up-front payment)




Extra Service: Web Résumé

Getstarted has partnered with ProfilingPros and ResumeSpotlight to offer online web résumés.

  • View your résumé anytime, anywhere on any computer.

  • Print your web résumé from anywhere.

  • Share your web résumé address verbally, as a link, or by handing out your networking (business) card!

Your Web Résumé is secure.  It is not searchable by search engines. No one finds your Web Résumé until you provide your unique link (address). For example: www.resumespotlight.com/typically first initial last name

Pricing: $100

Package includes:

  • Unique web address for your résumé.

  • Online hosting for six months. (Renewals available)

  • Three different versions of your résumé: PDF; printable text version with line break; copy/paste text version for use with online applications.

  • Optional password protection.


Ed Lawrence                       


Natick, MA                          


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