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Practice/Mock Interviewing

There’s a lot riding on a job interview. It's like the landing for a gymnast--If the landing is poor, nothing that happened before matters.


It's critical that you appear confident, capable, and likable.

It's also important to answer the questions asked concisely:

  • Do you know why people hire people?

  • Why should I hire you [instead of someone else]?

  • What's your presidential message?


There's a reason for almost every question asked by an interviewer. Can you discern the reason?


Are you as really prepared as you thought you were?

I can help. I offer a short service and a long service for mock interviewing:


1) Short Service: Buy an hour of my time. Send me or bring the resume you submitted and a copy of the job posting. Together we will practice for the interview or review your answers for that troublesome question.

2) Full Service Practice Interview Program includes:

a.  30-minute Initial intake session. You tell me about the position and company, and more.
    We set expectations and mutually agree to them.

b.  I assign you homework to prep for the interview. You complete it and send it back to me.

c.  60-minute presentation on Interviewing.

d.  60-minute phone-screen style mock interview comprising common questions, and followup.

e.   I do research and use your homework to create custom questions for the mock interview.

f.   60-minute session comprising 1/2-hour mock interview in the style of an in-person interview      using custom questions based on the information you provided, followed by review and informal grading.

Click here to view Pricing.

Note:   I also facilitate the MetroWest Practice Interview group that is free and open to the public. Check my Events tab to learn more!

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