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What Do You Want in a Technical Job Coach?

Picture of Ed Lawrence

I graduated Boston University with a Marketing and Finance business degree, Magna cum Laude.

A few years later, I earned my MBA in Information Management with Honors.

For three years, I worked as a Systems Analyst .  I installed UNIX systems at small colleges. I worked with relational databases. I wrote reports and designed user interfaces.

After that I moved into technical training. I loved learning the technology and helping business people apply the features in their jobs.

  • I worked with small companies and with large ones, e.g. Dell and EMC.

  • I worked with DOS, UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Sun, Windows, and Apple systems.

  • I taught SAN, NAS, and Fibre Channel---and many proprietary software packages.

  • I taught hardware, software and operating systems.

  • While not a programmer, I took programming classes and even taught programmers.

I traveled the world, collaborating  and working with programmers, Customer Support, Professional Services, QA, Compliance, and even TeleSales.

So, if you are a techie and need a coach who knows (more than) a bit about your business, contact me.

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