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Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Assessments

 Are you a job-seeker or considering a career transition? You probably study companies or positions that interest you, but how well do you know yourself? Do you know your strengths, weaknesses, communication style? 

Are you a manager or HR-person? Are you looking to improve communication between departments, enable people to work better together, raise productivity, or generally raise morale?


The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) provides insights that can reduce conflict, improve teamwork, and raise productivity. 


For decades, the MBTI has enabled people and companies around the world to discover the answers to questions such as:

* Why don't we understand each other?             * How could we work better as a team?

* Will I enjoy working in this profession?            * How would you like me to treat you?

* How can I get through to this student?             * Should I change my approach?

* Why do I keep doing that?                                 * What allows them to be so successful?

The MBTI has been researched, tested, and challenged over a span of fifty years. It has repeatedly been found to be reliable, valid, and useful.

Note: Pricing is highly dependent upon the items and assessments ordered; so I can't quote any prices here.

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