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Friends Help Friends...Neighbors Help Neighbors

I once asked some fiends to help me move from an apartment to a new home. My good friend Steve gladly helped out, saying, "Friends help friends move. Real friends help friends move bodies."

Jokes aside, a few friends can help you move. Finding a job requires more. Friends aren't enough; real friends aren't enough. You need as much help as you can get. You need to expand the search. You need a network. John Fugazzie recognized this and in January 2011 started Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NhN).

NhN fosters a “ pay it forward ” culture, holding a weekly meeting program that delivers accountability and a strong volunteer organizational culture.

John says, "Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, Inc. is a cost-free, grassroots, volunteer, nationally and internationally recognized ​job search support and networking organization."

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, I drove from Natick, MA to Hacksenack, NJ to attend the 7th anniversary event for this great organization that has helped over 700 people in NJ and surrounding states find work work since the NhN founding in January 2011.

It was worth the 199 mile drive. I met John again; I met Absolutely Abby; and I met many wonderful people with great skills; neighbors who support each other.

Should you live in New York, New Jersey---and even Spain!---you should check out Neighbors Helping Neighbors. You can learn more about Neighbors Helping Neighbors at:

Are you a veteran?

NhN runs a virtual group for Veterans at which John posts resumes and provide a lot of resource links to those veterans:

Veterans near northern NJ are invited to join the NhN weekly meeting at Bergen Community College

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