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If you like what you do, you tend to perform better at that job. Study after study confirms that.

Yet many people toil at jobs and feel unfulfilled. Is that you? Perhaps you like the people you work with or maybe there are some parts of the job you like better than others. But if you’re not answering “yes” to the question of “do you like your job”, maybe you need to ask whether there’s something else you can do that you would enjoy.

Skillscan is the recognized industry leader in self-directed skills assessment.

Want to learn more? Read how                        has helped thousands of people!

Skillscan Assessments

Skillscan Card Sort

In-Person: Card Sort

During an in-person session, I will teach you how to sort the Skillscan cards into categories/piles so you can assess your transferable skills, consider what you like and don't like to do,and rate your own proficiency at various tasks.

Then we will discuss your self-assessment, consider your options, and choose a direction for you.


Time: Allow 1 - 3 hours

Pricing: $95 for self-assessment setup and procedure, plus 1/2-hr interpretation and discussion time.

Skillscan Drive

Online: SkillScan Drive

Career Driver Online is a self- directed skills assessment tool that features a comprehensive profile of your transferable skills and preferences.


Full-color report provides you with detailed information about your strengths, practical ideas for developing skills,

suggested career and educational options for exploring best fit options and numerous free resources in the Learning Center.


Career Driver Online gives you powerful language for describing your strengths in resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Time: Allow 20-30 minutes

Pricing: $90 for online assessment; plus 1/2-hr interpretation and discussion time.

Skillscan Express

Online: Skillscan Express

SkillScan Express helps you to hone in on your greatest strengths, individual skills, and Skill Sets in a streamlined assessment that works on Tablets and Smart Phones (P.C. s too).


Learn about your “high potential” skills – those skills you are motivated to develop and optimize in a career.


Explore your Top Career and Education Matches with direct links to O'Net to research careers. Gain a rich vocabulary for selling yourself in the job search.

Time: Allow 15 minutes

Pricing: $90 for online assessment; plus 1/2-hr interpretation and discussion time.

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