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Work-Life Balance Assessment

Are you struggling in your job-search or career-pivot?

Do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or just not like yourself?

Is your life out of balance?

If so, the Work-Life Balance Assessment could help.

What is The Assessment?

The Work-Life Balance Assessment is a simple, affordable tool that provides you with a clear picture of what you want and need in your career and life to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

While many clients express their need for better work-life balance, most aren't sure what that really means in practice.  In fact, “balance” means very different things to different people, depending on their professional and personal priorities, values, responsibilities, and circumstances.  In other words, "balance" differs for most of us.

Developed by Licensed Professional Counselor Anush Hansen, the Work-Life Balance Assessment uses The Eight Dimensions of Wellness* to help you clarify and untangle the eight factors, identify your career and life priorities, and develop goals and a concrete plan for improving how you feel and function in your day-to-day life.


The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are all intricately interconnected, and include:

  • Emotional Health: Coping effectively with life & creating satisfying relationships

  • Social Health: Developing a sense of connection, belonging & a well-developed support system

  • Physical Health: Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods & adequate sleep

  • Occupational Health: Personal satisfaction & enrichment from ones work & career

  • Environmental Health: Accessing and occupying environments that support health & well-being

  • Financial Health: Satisfaction with current and future financial situation

  • Intellectual Health: Recognizing abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills

  • Spiritual Health: Expanding a sense of purpose & meaning in life

* The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are adapted from the US Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration's Wellness Wheel Model (

 Assessment Price:  $50


  • Time to complete the card sorting

  • Assessment instructions and question guide

  • 1/2 hr followup discussion.


This assessment is currently available in-person only.

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