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Stop Ghosting Employers and Appointments

As I write this, it is after 4pm on October 31st, All Hallows Eve--colloquially known as Halloween. It is the day and night for haunting, spooking, and ghosting.

But after tonight, I hope you won't ghost anyone, particularly anyone with whom you've made an appointment or agreed to work for.

Ghosting---just not showing up--is on my mind, not merely because of Halloween, but because over the last month I've noted a rise in the practice. Every week one of my library appointments has been a no show. I only offer 3 appointments per week; so the appointments are in demand. There is a waiting list.

In this modern era, some people can't be bothered to send an email or a text. It only takes a few seconds to let someone know you won't or can't make the appointment. They/we won't mind. We actually appreciate the message.

I've also experienced a number of prospects ghosting me. I sometimes write them and ask whether they chose to go with another coach. No response. Crickets. You know, it's this specific case that to me seems to align with companies ghosting job seekers. I want you to hire me. You ghosted me.

Sound familiar, job seekers?

I don't know about you, but I consider ghosting to be unprofessional, no matter who does it.

Instead of ghosting, strive to treat people with courtesy and respect. Keep appointments; be on-time; let them know when you can't make it.

Yes, I realize a lot of companies ghost people.

But, I don't consider "what aboutism" to be a valid excuse for poor behavior.

And I think mimicking poor behavior doesn't makes one a better person.

I believe character and soft skills matter.

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